About Our Company

Eden Web Assets Inc. is a website investment firm that oversees a collection of niche web assets in various e-commerce and information product categories. Our primary goal is to provide premium, quality products and to maintain the passion and enthusiasm that enabled the company's creation.

Our company was founded by our CEO in May of 1998 as a technology company named "G-NET." Our adaptable business model fueled our rapid growth into a handful of niche markets in the home products vertical which transformed us from a small locally focused company to "The Eden Home and Plumbing Group Inc.".

In 2013 our corporate name was changed again to "Eden Web Assets Inc." to better reflect our current business model, which is to strategically aquire existing income generating web assets in the info-product, e-commerce and affiliate categories. Our portfolio includes over 20 different websites and close to 100 domain names.

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